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Sep 04
The Mindful Caregiver, An Introduction

Dear Gloria’s Way Community,  I am honored to have been asked to contribute…

Oct 22
Can Someone with Dementia Vote?

In case you missed the news, there is an election coming up on November 3rd in the…

Oct 09
COVID-19 is a Reminder to Review Legal Documents

Now more than ever, when COVID-19 has forced all of us, regardless of age or…

Oct 07
Is Dementia a Death Sentence?

You get that diagnosis—finally. Sometimes, the diagnosis alone takes years, and you…

Sep 18
Exercise Supports Brain Health & Walking is Enough

In a recent video segment for the Us Against Alzheimer’s “What Matters Most” series,…

Sep 12
Let’s Walk! The Fight to End Alzheimer’s Continues

Each year, we ask participants of the Walk to End Alzheimer’s the question…

Aug 14
Three TED Talks Our Community Loves, home to hundreds of viral, thought-provoking, and inspiring videos from all…

Aug 04
Gratitude: When living with dementia leads to a powerful perspective check

There really ARE angels among us.  I just saw them. 3:48 a.m., Progress West…

Jul 23
Dementia and COVID-19: A Granddaughter’s Story

Eleventh grade was a bit of a whirlwind. Accumulating homework assignments,…

Jul 17
Gloria’s Way is a Compass for Caregivers

My family’s story is not unique. Unfortunately,  far too many people are familiar…

Meet a Care Partner!

Every month we highlight a caregiving HERO who is currently or has cared for someone with memory loss. If you are, or if you know a HERO, contact us!

Meet Tonia 

1. Where do you love to go when you just need a place to breathe?

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2. When did you first find out about….