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Jan 01
Home for the Holidays . . . and the Rest of the School Year

“Olivia, come here.” “What’s up?” “Do you love me as a grandma or as a good friend?”…

Dec 15
Avoiding Holiday Burnout: Five Rules for Dementia Caregivers

If you are a dementia caregiver, you’re probably a compassionate person who…

Dec 07
Brights Lights & Big City? Maybe Not.

Tradition is important for memory.  Sometimes people who no longer know our names…

Nov 24
Though She Be But Little, She is Fierce

When I was growing up,  I always saw my mom as a force to be reckoned with. Her…

Nov 23
Unexpected Blessing: Dementia caregiving during the COVID holiday season

They’ve been telling you for years that holidays with dementia need to be simpler,…

Nov 09
Caregiver Burnout Prevention During an Isolated Winter

Dr. Anthony Fauci recently recommended that Americans should plan to “hunker down” for…

Oct 30
Do You Have Your Affairs in Order?

As I mentioned in a recent post, you can ask anybody about the initial diagnosis of…

Oct 22
Can Someone with Dementia Vote?

In case you missed the news, there is an election coming up on November 3rd in the…

Oct 09
COVID-19 is a Reminder to Review Legal Documents

Now more than ever, when COVID-19 has forced all of us, regardless of age or…

Oct 07
Dementia Doesn’t Have to Be a Death Sentence

You get that diagnosis—finally. Sometimes, the diagnosis alone takes years, and you…

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Meet Tonia 

1. Where do you love to go when you just need a place to breathe?

Well….thats a great questiondkfj;kadfijaidjsf;’ojdf

2. When did you first find out about….

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