Early Stage Programs

People are now being diagnosed with dementia at earlier stages of the disease. In response, Alzheimer’s Los Angeles has programs to serve their unique needs.

The Benefits of Early Dementia Detection

Dementia continues to grow across the country at an alarming rate, which is why detecting dementia early on is important. When able to detect dementia early enough, you will be able to do things to help mitigate the process, among other benefits.


It is crucial to look for signs and observe behaviors if you want to try to detect dementia early. Always seek medical attention when needed and visit a neuropsychologist to get tested. They will be able to access your cognition to detect any cognitive impairment. Once you are tested and if diagnosed, you can start to set a plan to move forward.


• Memory Loss that disrupts daily life

• Forgetting recently learned information

• Forgetting important dates and events

• Repeating questions

• Using more memory aids like reminder notes

• Challenges with problem solving

• The inability to concentrate

• Confusion with time and places

• Misplacing things in unusual spots

• Change in mood

• Easily agitated

• Decrease in things that used to find interesting

• More anxious, fearful, upset and confused


When you detect dementia early on, not only will you be able to do things to help slow down the process of your brain aging, but you will also be able to improve your access to medical and support services. It also gives you the time to prepare things like your legal, financial and care decisions while you are still able to. And it can also reduce your cost of care.


*Provided by the Alzheimer’s Assocation – www.alz.org

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