Family Caregivers Play Critical Role During Coronavirus Outbreak

Never give up. Never stop fighting.

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Liz O’Donnell, eldercare provider and author of The Working Daughter, found herself caring for her parents and juggling multiple roles at work and at home. Based on her own experiences, she sought to other women balance elder care and career.

In a recent article, Working Daughter explored the affects of COVID-19 on the critical role of caregivers, summarizing CDC recommendations for older adults and people with serious chronic illnesses. The post also includes personal insights for those in the role of family caregiver whose role as advocate and companion are more important than ever. 

Emphasizing the continued importance of self-compassion and self care for caregivers, including the professionals we rely on to help with caring for our loved one, she says

“Caregiving takes equal part courage and compassion: the courage to do what’s right and the compassion to understand the impact on the people we care for. And in the case of the coronavirus, that compassion should extend to the paid professionals who care for our parents too.” Read the full story.



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