Our vision is to serve as a local dementia resource and referral network offering trusted information and valued services to everyone who needs it. So therefore, our services are free for our readers.  Obviously revenue is required, but we secure funding through a different resources.


Advertising & Affiliate Sales

We feel that there are a variety of services and products available to anyone who is caring for someone with dementia; and that these offerings are beneficial to caregivers, families, and those battling dementia, so we advertise for third parties when we wish to make our community aware of their products and services. 


Gloria’s Way will review all ad content images, text, targeting, and positioning. We will evaluate the content and functionality of the ad’s landing page and ensure that the landing page is promoting the products or services being advertised. Additionally, all advertisements will be labeled clearly and without ambiguity.


Gloria’s Way sponsors third party affiliates and receives a small commission for referred sales made via the affiliate links. In short, if you click on one of our affiliate links and make a purchase the retailer gives us a small percentage of that sale. 



Do you want to empower someone in need or help make a large impact in your community?  A donation of any size can make a difference.


We are a certified 501(c)3 organization relying solely on donations from people just like you – people who are interested in making a difference in the lives of those who are living with early memory loss.  Every penny we raise matters and is used towards making sure our platform is operating at its highest level at all times.   

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Gloria’s Way has a vast audience of caregivers, family members, physicians, and others who wish to learn more about dementia and its effects on those around it. This population is always in need of products and services that can benefit their wellbeing and the wellbeing of their loved ones, and no other platform offers such a far-reaching influence on dementia caregiving as Gloria’s Way.


Now more than ever it is vital to ensure constituents are able to find the highest quality and most compassionate care possible. Even more critical is the need for a comprehensive resource database containing such information as specialty provider lists, literature on the dementia and its care, and ways in which visitors can rate, review, and like content, as well as connect with one another. Gloria’s Way is the first platform to fulfill the needs of this population, and advertising with us provides a direct line to the heart of dementia care.


When you advertise with Gloria’s Way you place your products and services right in the heart of dementia care and information. Our caregivers, families, and healthcare providers are engaged and influential. As we continue to gain traction, so too will brand awareness among our audience, which consists of adults aged 35 and older residing in the United States.


We offer various advertising opportunities such as sponsored content (advertorials), and dedicated emails. Contact us at [email protected] to discuss advertising opportunities to connect your brand with the Gloria’s Way community.

Contribute an article to Gloria's Way

In addition to a comprehensive database of resources and powerful tailored search engine, Gloria’s Way is dedicated to connecting people from all backgrounds and walks of life through their shared experience of caring for someone with dementia. Navigating this landscape often requires more than just a database, so we want to help foster meaningful and helpful relationships. One such way we accomplish this is through guest content.


We have an open door policy and indeed welcome content submissions from anyone who is passionate about contributing positively to the dementia effected community. Whether through a story of personal experience, advice from years of providing care, questions surrounding current challenges, or lessons learned from mistakes made, Gloria’s Way welcomes interaction among all. Being featured on our website or in our daily email newsletter puts your advice, insights, and stories in front of our highly engaged and rapidly growing audience of family caregivers, which includes people caring for parents, spouses, relatives, and friends.


If you are already promoting dementia advocacy or have a product or service you hope to showcase then we want to help! In addition to engaging the Gloria’s Way community directly in a positive way, when you submit an article to Gloria’s Way you will have space for a short bio at the end of your article to highlight your company, website, or blog.


 We look for articles addressing common challenges dementia caregivers and families face. Articles that offer practical wisdom and experience are paramount to our mission and can have lasting impact. Specific advice, actionable tips, and novel resources are valued by Gloria’s Way and our caregiving community.

If you wish to submit any guest content do not hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].  Please include the following:


    • “Gloria’s Way Contributor” in the subject line of your email
    • Your name and email address
    • Bio
    • Article you are submitting
    • Description and/or links to where the article has previously been published
    • Link to your website or blog
    • A brief description of your caregiving or aging industry background

When you submit a guest article, you agree that you will not be compensated for your article and that Gloria’s Way reserves the right to reject any article with or without reason. Submitted content must be your own work, and any and all references must be appropriately cited.


Gloria’s Way seeks to create a vritual community of positively interacting individuals working to help, educate, and build up one another. We look forward to hearing from you because together we can give family caregivers the support they deserve!

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Help build the largest human-edited Dementia Directory on the web.  All of our programs have been entered by real people.  We have chosen not to use Bots for a very specific reason and one reason only – our customer.   The importance of making sure our data is always up to date for every business listed on our site is our top priority and only humans can do that.    

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